Sunday, January 31, 2010

John Terry Cheats on Wife

Chelsea football star and club captain John Terry is in hot water after allegations he has had an affair and cheated on wife Toni - getting a French model pregnant, a former model that was in a relationship at one time with Terry's Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge. (Video below of the John Terry Gagging Order Failure)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Evony Videos Archive Updated

Just a simple update to the Evony Games Videos Archive.

New games added, additional videos and more around the evony attacking strategy and overall game guides.

Evony YouTube

Youtube is a great resource for evony free forever gaming fans, from basic tutorials including account signup and evony login, ranging to evony advanced strategy and building tips.

There are also videos on hacks, bots and cheating techniques.

And finally there are a range of evony coin videos and information, ranging from free coins to deceptive gold techniques. Be aware however, cheating or gold farming can and more than likely will get your evony account suspended or banned!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Play Evony Game

Evony Free Forever is the latest mmorpg / mmorts free browser game thats captured a whole generation.

We have thrown up some overview videos below. At this stage, it's still a 'no cost' game, but to get serious about it - you need to get some evony coins. Apparently a sequel to this game is on its way in the form of Evony Age II.

We'd love to hear from anyone that has played the game and how they found it? Are you in an Evony Alliance or do you go lone ranger?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Phuket Travel Videos

Phuket is a wonderful place for a very memorable holiday. Friendly local folk, very inexpensive shopping, accommodation and sight-seeing - all being improved by ever increasing phuket deals.

massive night life, the best shopping in asia and you are only minutes from beautiful sandy beaches and blue water swimming holes.

take an elephant ride in thailand, play with monkies or dine at fantasea palace. its always great fun and in the current financial time - it saves you dollars on your yearly holiday. Check out these videos on thailand:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beyonce Sweet Dreams Music Video

Beyonce rips it up in this crashing new music video called Beyonce Sweet Dreams Music Video.

Hey PEEPS! After a massive amount of time Ive made a video. This one is such a good song, I hope you like the video :) Please dont leave any negative comments. 01sejpala. :D

Beyoncé - "Sweet Dreams"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secrets to Viral Youtube Videos

Have you ever watched a video with 100,000 views on YouTube and thought to yourself: “How the hell did that video get so many views?” Chances are pretty good that this didn’t happen naturally, but rather that some company worked hard to make it happen – some company like mine.

When most people talk about “viral videos,” they’re usually referring to videos like Miss Teen South Carolina, Smirnoff’s Tea Partay music video, the Sony Bravia ads, Soulja Boy - videos that have traveled all around the internet and been posted on YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Facebook, Digg, blogs, etc. - videos with millions and millions of views.

Over the past year, I have run clandestine marketing campaigns meant to ensure that promotional videos become truly viral, as these examples have become in the extreme. In this post, I will share some of the techniques I use to do my job: to get at least 100,000 people to watch my clients’ “viral” videos.

Secret #1: Not all viral videos are what they seem

There are tens of thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube each day (I’ve heard estimates between 10-65,000 videos per day). I don’t care how “viral” you think your video is; no one is going to find it and no one is going to watch it.

The members of my startup are hired guns – our clients give us videos and we make them go viral. Our rule of thumb is that if we don’t get a video 100,000 views, we don’t charge.

So far, we’ve worked on 80-90 videos and we’ve seen overwhelming success. In the past 3 months, we’ve achieved over 20 million views for our clients, with videos ranging from 100,000 views to upwards of 1.5 million views each. In other words, not all videos go viral organically – there is a method to the madness.

I can’t reveal our clients’ names and I can’t link to the videos we’ve worked on, because YouTube surely doesn’t like what we’re doing and our clients hate to admit that they need professional help with their “viral” videos. But I can give you a general idea of who we’ve worked with: two top Hollywood movie studios, a major record label, a variety of very well known consumer brands, and a number of different startups, both domestic and international.

This summer, we were approached by a Hollywood movie studio and asked to help market a series of viral clips they had created in advance of a blockbuster. The videos were 10-20 seconds each, were shot from what appeared to be a camera phone, and captured a series of unexpected and shocking events that required professional post-production and CGI. Needless to say, the studio had invested a significant amount of money in creating the videos but every time they put them online, they couldn’t get more than a few thousand views.

We took six videos and achieved:

  • 6 million views on YouTube
  • ~30,000 ratings
  • ~10,000 favorites
  • 200+ blog posts linking back to the videos
  • All six videos made it into the top 5 Most Viewed of the Day, and the two that went truly viral (1.5 million views each) were #1 and #2 Most Viewed of the Week.